About Dirt Road Rustics

Hi and welcome! This is Mark and Veronica Fly.

We have found that many of our friends do not know that Dirt Road Rustics is our store. So, we thought we would tell a quick story how it came about.

For more than 25 years, Veronica Fly has worked her way up the ranks in retail, working for national retail giants as well as local retail operations. She was excellent at what she did but she always dreamed of owning her own store. On New Year’s Eve in 2015 a tragic house fire destroyed nearly all of our family’s possessions and that dream gained additional inspiration. While going through the process to rebuild their home Veronica and her husband Mark Fly, found themselves traveling to surrounding cities to find furniture stores to replace their rustic themed items that had been destroyed. Why was there not a quality option in Bryan-College Station, an area with more than 250,000 people? In addition to the frustration of having to travel every weekend to replace their furniture the fire also served as a revelation for the desire to own their own business. It also served as a reminder to the Flys, who are strong in their faith, that life is short and we must make every day count. Dirt Road Rustics was born.

We hope you enjoy our 10,000 square foot store. And that it will fill your home, and the homes of friends and family, with treasures for many years to come!